Wednesday, 13 July 2016

BoJo Woe

The pantomime that is Westminster just got funnier. BoJo for Foreign Secretary is worse than the nightmare of my last blog.

Funnier for some. But this further-right Conservative government, led by a Prime Minister whose views on migration ended up on the side of go-home advertising trucks, is going to come down hard on Scotland.

This will be a government that sticks to its £100 billion Trident missile renewal. That's £100 billion that will not be spent on the NHS, or on social welfare, or on better benefits for the poor, or on ending the iniquitous benefits tribunals.

This will be the government that will make Brexit mean Brexit, against the democratically expressed will of the people of Scotland and despite the implications. Because Brexit means the removal of the few protections that the EU provided for workers and consumers, and the removal of EU grants to voluntary organisations, universities and rural projects across Scotland. Those grants don't particularly help the better off...but they do have an impact on people on average wages, or less.

BoJo may be a joker of a Foreign Secretary. But he will not win many laughs in Scotland. His appointment confirms that Westminster still revolves around the privileged few.

It is past time that Scotland stepped away from the Bullingdon Club, and made its own, independent, international, European way in the world.

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