Monday, 23 May 2016

Paper Balls

The Holyrood election is done, so the newspapers are looking for their next big story. They have the Brexit Terror Campaign, but even the Daily Mail can see that stories about quirky regulations from Brussels are hardly setting the readership alight. So we are back to the bump and grind of whose bed was shared by which politician. 

Sex sells.

But it is wholly irrelevant to the measure by which we should be judging our politicians: are they capable giving people a better life? Can they help people out of poverty, with better jobs and better benefits? Can they create a measurably more equal society, reducing the wealth gap?

This is how we should be measuring our politicians. Not by the number of people they have euphemistically 'slept' with, but by the number of people whose lives they have changed for the better.

All the rest is just balls.

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