Saturday, 19 September 2015

Funny fear

A brief note to say that the Catalan version of Project Fear is now playing precisely the same script as we saw in Scotland.

Vilaweb, the Catalan online news platform, has just reported that the banks, yes, the banks, have released a note saying that if Catalonia goes independent, they will withdraw their offices and their credit. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. The note could have been photocopied from that released by Project Fear just before the Scottish Referendum a year ago.

Prior to that, and true to the Scottish script, Obama said that Spain would be better together. That followed David Cameron and Angela Merkel saying the same thing. Remember Obama/Hollande/Merkel saying that of Scotland, anyone?

And Brussels has said that Catalonia would have to leave the EU. Yes? Really? After all that hard work to keep Greece in they would chuck out the most popular city in continental Europe, and a European regional economic powerhouse? I could use a rude word, but I will not.

Watch out for the next step in the Scottish script; a Vow.

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  1. Thanks Chris,
    Remember: the postman always calls twice. There we gooooooooo !!!!!!!