Saturday, 11 July 2015

Border Post

We just drove over the border between the two Irelands. Driving, we left the North at 70mph, and speeded up fractionally to the 120kph limit in the Republic.

As we raced south I remembered the Telegraph report, organised presumably by Project Fear, that claimed that a Yes vote would mean soldiers patrolling the frontier with England and passport control on the border. It was, like all of Project Fear, a huge fabrication. The reality would have been what we experienced in Ireland: a border that is a nothing, just like the border we drive over between Catalonia and France, or the train I took a few weeks ago from Luxembourg to France.

Scotland and England could have a border like this - a drive-through paperless border for cars and trains. The border we need is a different one; a border between the despair and abandon of England and a positive, caring, inclusive, fair Scotland.

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