Monday, 11 May 2015

Rights, or right

People chose political parties for all sorts of reasons. But when a country chooses, massively, one political philosophy it is saying something about the core beliefs of its people. This is nicely illustrated by yesterday's Pink News.  This reports a survey by Scotland's Equality Network which finds that Scotland is the leading country in Europe for LGBTI equality and human rights legislation.

In Scotland 50% of voters chose the SNP, a party embedded in beliefs in equality and social justice.

In contrast, most voters in England chose Tory-UKIP, the right wing grouping which garnered 55% of voters in England, 14,194,922 people. These parties are not built on a foundation of equality and social justice - for evidence check the Tory party manifesto, which included a pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act.  Instead they focus on the rights of the individual to do as he (normally, he) wishes in the hope that this will benefit society.

Two very different philosophies and increasingly two very different countries. 

If England wishes to head out of the door on the right, then let it do so. Scotland now needs the powers to enable it to grow a fairer society - fairer for LGBTI people, for migrants, for "minorities", for people living with disabilities, for the poor...

Fairer, in other words, for all of us.

PS: For a more educated, knowledgeable and generally better view on all of this, read Lallands Peat Worrier. For a laugh on the same topic, take a walk with the Wee Ginger Dug.

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