Monday, 13 April 2015

Vow II, and Fear-Max

Today's poll results from TNS-BRMB showing that SNP has 52% of the vote* is just like that once-off pre-Referendum poll showing a majority for Yes. The result was Westminster and Whitehall panic, The Vow, and an agitprop campaign - Project Fear - turned up to full hallucinatory volume.

Up to and including May 7th expect the same, times ten. Another Vow, and Project Fear-Max. Oh yes, and MI5 will find out something nasty about Nicla and put it into the Telegraph.

* That's 52% of the 978 people aged 18 and over who were surveyed. Read Scot Goes Pop to find out more from James-the-psephologist about what it means, and where the trends are.

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