Thursday, 28 August 2014

Loves Bombs

David Cameron is coming to Scotland. Expect the normal love-bombs. At least, the love-bombs of the last three years.

Because before that, he barely mentioned Scotland at all.

Until the SNP's 2011 win, David Cameron did not talk about Scotland. In the nine years after he was elected MP for Witney in 2001, he used the word "Scotland" a total of 12 times in Parliamentary debates* - that's 1.3 times per year, or about a minute and a half on Scotland, in nine years of politics.

Talking about you

Then the SNP are elected and suddenly Mr Cameron loves Scotland.We learn that his dad was born at Blairmore House, near Huntly, Aberdeen, and his claim at the Olympic Park in London in January 2014 that "my surname goes back to the West Highlands."

Mr Cameron doesn't love Scotland. He'd rather talk about almost anything else, particularly about tax, defence, and London:


On defence he's silent on Scotland where it really matters. As CND has pointed out**, he signed a 10-year extension to the nuclear cooperation treaty with the USA, the Mutual Defence Agreement (MAD), without a debate in Parliament. The treaty is about the Trident A-bombs in Faslane, Scotland.

Mr Cameron loves bombs more than he loves Scotland.

*This excludes "Scotland Yard" and "Royal Bank of Scotland" unless the latter is connected in the debate with Scotland. Excludes "Scottish National Party" when Mr Cameron is simply taking  a question from the SNP (eg, on Syria).


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